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Birthing Pool Rentals
La Bassine Professional Grade Birthing Pools are the most comfortable birthing pools available, preferred by birth professionals worldwide. Because you want the best for your baby, every pool and liner is eco-friendly, ethically made, and free of lead, phthalates, or cadmium.

-All rentals are La Bassine deluxe pools
-Deep enough to cover your belly, narrow enough to push against with your feet
-Sufficient room for you and a birth partner
-Soft sides, sturdy enough to sit on and lean over
-Eco friendly and sanitary; a new liner just for you
-Internal handles to assist with position changes and balance while pushing
-Strongest and most comfortable model on the market
-Home delivery and pick up included
-Rentals are four weeks long and include everything you need except a hose
- Pool rental and delivery: $250

For rental information:
Contact Mandy Schutt (424)222-1563
                                       A Word On Why I LOVE These Pools:

Water birth has been proven to have many benfits including contributing to shorter birthing times, lowering blood pressure, reducing pain sensations, and promoting relaxation to name a few of the many! To read more about waterbirth, check out Waterbirth International.

The La Bassine pools that I rent (and used for my own birth) have several aspects that I find superior to other pools on the market.

                                  La Bassine Professsional Grade Pools are:

                                                    *NOT Heated*
Because the pool is not heated, temperature adjustments can be made easily and quickly as the birthing mama's needs change. (All you have to do is add hot or cold water from a connected hose or add buckets/pots of hot or cold water.) There is a misconception that while giving birth, moms only want heat- while this may be true in some cases, other moms find that their own body temperature feels a little overheated and find it refreshing and relieving to submerse themself into a tub of lukewarm, or even cool, water. Other pools on the market that are heated, lack many of the benefits offered by La Bassine's pools such as thick, sturdy sides that can be used for birth partners to lean against or sit on to massage the birthing mother or that she can use to support her own body while in a squatting position.

                                      *Eco-Friendly and Ethically Made*
Since you want a peaceful water birth, don't you also want to know that the pool you are birthing in is ethically made and isn't going to taint the water with toxins such as phthalates, lead, or cadmium? These elements are often used in plastic production yet with all we are discovering about how harmful they, it seems counter-intuitive to expose a newborn infant to them during their first few seconds of life. La Bassine pools are free from these harmful elements- unlike other popular birthing pools- and one is certain to find a plethora of chemicals in the common "kiddie-pools" often used in water births. 

                                                 *Deep and Wide*
A common complaint from mothers who have birthed in water is that the water was too shallow or the pool was too constricting for movement. La Bassine pools are wonderfully deep so they provide plenty of space for even the tallest mother to submerge her body and belly in! Additionally they are spacious enough for two people to fit in or for a mother to freely move into various birthing positions. (Dimensions: 65"x53"x25")  I am 5'10" and was able to cover my belly and move around in the pool during my birth.

                                                  *Easy To Set Up*
Everything except the hose is included in your tub rental. Once your pool is delivered, set up is a snap! Watch this instructional video to see how easy it is. Still don't want the hassle? For an additional $100, we'll set up and tear down the pool for you using our professional air pump/ drain...we'll be in and out of your house in a jiffy and you won't have to lift a finger!

Siphoning Action
Pool rentals also come with a super easy way to drain the water from the pool- no buckets or battery-operated machines that can't be sanitized well and can break. The SIMPLE SIPHON lives up to its name. Simply attach the siphon to the end of your hose, shake the siphon up and down and the water is sucked up and drains in your bathtub, sink, or garden! (Keep in mind the law of gravity while you are draining the pool, it's best to choose a draining spot that is close and doens't include a lot of elevation.)